Any graphic designers in here?

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Found 12th Sep 2008
Hi all

I've just recently graduated from uni and I'm looking for graphic design work - but everywhere i've looked have been after experience. I was just wondering what you did to get started in the graphic design business, or if you just went freelance? I'd ideally like to get into a company that doesn't mind someone new to the business but who has lots of potential - unfortunately I can't seem to find that company!

I just wanted to hear about other peoples experiences


My best mate is a graphic designer/product designer and found it tough coming out of uni. He went for a job with a small firm and did some moonlighting for others. Keep at it mate

Charities require your services and will pay expenses, plus it looks great on your CV, good luck hun :thumbsup:

Its so hard to get a job with little/no experience. Build up a great portfolio. Work for free for a while, and get a P/T job to subsidise it. I know it's rubbish, but you'll build up so much experience quickly, and it will differentiate you from all the other applicants for Junior designer roles. You never know, the studio you work in may even offer you a job if they like what you produce.

yea, voluntary work to start / freelance or building a portfolio for yourself is a good start.

you can design me a logo to get your started!... Im in the same boat as you, but into webdesign. not the best in the world, but as a say, we all have to start @ the bottom of the ladder! :whistling:

where are you located? My brother runs a graphic design company in Cornwall and is always looking for people to help out during busy periods?

My mate was in the same postion, came out of uni with a good mark and a great portfolio. Lucked into a Graphic design Junior job (was a friend of his dads). Was aweful pay, horrendous hours and he realised just how little he knew (this was a guy who read hundreds of books and magazines on the idustry...) Was sacked from that job after his boss decided he wanted to downsize.
Then struggled for months to try and get any other work apart from the odd bit of freelance (he did the layout for last years Tesco xmas magazine..)

He's just finished a Masters in Advertising, although if anything that industry is more cut throat.

It all depends on what your strong points are, if its more design than the graphics have you thought about architecture, or a draftsman? Or if illustration is your thing have you thought about clothing companys etc (another friend left uni and went straight into a job illustrating things for kids clothes at George)

I guess my point is dont just focus on graphic design, theres a huge amount of work in the wider sense that might give you your break.

Get together a strong portfolio, send it out to everyone you are interested in, be prepared to get knocked back a lot, but, eventually, it will pay off.

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Sorry for the late reply - but thanks to everybody and all their comments. Theres some great ideas that you guys have given me and I think you're right Jonster.. I think I need to become more varied, the problem is knowing where to start unfortunately! Im just not sure if I should go back into education.. I honestly think I could learn more on the job in a month than my whole uni course has!

I think i'll just have to look into offering my services to anybody that will take them! ^_^

~ SunTzu unfortunately cornwall isn't close to me which is a real bummer! But thanks for replying anyway
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