Any graphics cards techies out there? Need advice

    I have a PC set up with 4 monitors and wanting to upgrade my graphics card.

    My PC set up is

    i7 920
    16gb OCZ 1600mhz ram
    850w Coolermaster silent pro
    Blu-Ray Drive
    4 x 1.5tb (Storage)
    1 x 300gb Velociraptor

    AND FX3700 Quadro Graphics Card.....

    I am thinking about getting two high end cards both with twol DVI, can I run four monitors off these?

    (I basically have two upstairs in my office and then two in my garage where I work, I can control my PC from the garage and View everything I can see on the two upstairs).

    I have read somewhere that I can only use four ports if I don't connect them Sli in which case the second card is only acting as a way to connect the monitors...


    wow.... that is some serious computing power.

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    Yup, need to not SLI them.

    Is it right that if I bought say a GTX 285 and then a only a basic card is needed to output the 3rd and fourth monitors? and do you know if this is picked up easily by PC or if I need seperate software?

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    I think you can use the GTX285 then just a PCI card even if you wanted.

    hmmm, thanks will look into it, repped
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