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    Are their clearance phones returned items? Are the phones sent out all unlocked and with what equipment? And can you phone up and haggle on the phone for a discount?
    I want to use Asda mobile and not the one I choose from the site.


    All clearance phone are customer returns under the 14 days option. They come in pain white boxes and they only say you get the phone and charger. So you may not get the case, hands free, leads or sd card.

    From what I've seen, they all look like new (they go through a refurb before being reshipped). But if you want all the bit and a real box you need to pay the full price. . .

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    Ah but the main thing is, is it unlocked as I want to use Asda mobile, they don't have an email address.........surprisingly, I don't have a phone to phone them:)

    They're all unlocked (sorry, missed that bit !).

    That way they can just throw a payg sim in the box and not have to worry about keeping stock for all the networks.
    The only exception would be a handset that's unique to a network...
    All the Nokia 5800 they did a few weeks ago were unlocked

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    What do you think the chances are about getting sd card and headphones and stuff? Unlikely/Likely?

    With the 5800 only a few people got the headphones and even less got the sd card. But if you're saving around 50 quid, paying 8 for an 8 gig sd isn't too bad ? Not sure what the phones cost ?

    I don't know if they'd take it back if you didn't get them? It wouldn't be a valid reason to return it as they tell you on the site you won't . . .

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    Thanks for the info, rep added.

    No problem, good luck...
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