Any HD sufferers on here? What fantastic news this week.

Found 14th Dec 2017
Just incase you missed it here a couple of links.HDA UK and Gaurdian article.

There is Huntiontons disease in my family on my mothers side, my mum has it and one of my brothers has also been diagnosed with it. I have already lost a good few Aunties and Uncles to the disease, its not nice. I have been following the tials over the last couple of years and its all looking quite hopefull. If this technique works it may also help with alzheimer's.
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Would be absolutely fantastic news if this breakthrough is made available rapidly.

A family we grew up with all have this horrid disease and it's heartbreaking watching what it's done to them.
I think its so benificial it may well be fast tracked. The current tests where about its safety, proper clinical trials will start soon. Previous tests on mice actually reversed the process in some of the mice.
its a miracle lets hope they get it on the market fast, you may want to look into seeing if they are doing a trial run and maybe be helpful to you or your family, i just hope the drug is available soon, its amazing how far forward the scientist have become......
I think my brothers family are trying to get him involved in the trials.
123thisisme1 h, 10 m ago

I think my brothers family are trying to get him involved in the trials.

Let's hope he gets it, any hope is better than no hope.
Thanks for this 123thisisme I shall pass this on to a friend.
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