Any HDMI or Optical 5.1 speakers for under £100 exist?

    Hello Guys

    Looking for a 5.1 speakers system for a tv. My tv does hdmi arc and optical.

    But all the 5.1 speakers cheap are pc speakers and not compatible as don't have optical or hdmi connections.

    Whilst all the ones that do are over £200 in price or home theatre systems that only work through their dvd or bluray player, but for everything else sound doesn't come through the home theatre system.

    So stuck and haven't been able to find anything below £100 that has optical or hdmi.

    Am i missing some brand out there that does it, some 5.1 pc speakers that comes with optical input?

    thanks to anyone who can help.


    In Short, I don't think you will find a new system for under £100. If you think about it you are looking at 5 speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier for £100 making each component £15. A PC system has more control as the sound card can output the signals and the sub becomes the amplifier reducing cost though, believe me cheap pc 5.1 speakers aren't great either.

    I would recommend to go down the second hand route, I have seen 5.1 dvd systems go for that and less. You will be limited but only way I can see of getting 5.1. Or do what my parents have done and spend £50 on a second hand hifi amplifier and £50 on a set of second hand hi fi speakers as this will be a lot better then standard TV speakers. TV should have a red and white out which you would connect to the amp.

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    pity thanks.
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