Any help on buying Taylor Swift Tickets from friend....would i need ID?

Found 7th Jun

Have a friend who has offered me their Taylor Swift tickets but i saw the have their name on so does anyone know when going to a gig at Wembley do they ask for ID? Obviously i wont have it so not sure if i would get turned away?

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I would have thought your friend would be the best person to ask, as they would have all the info needed within the tickets they received?
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just wondered if anyone had any experience of going and being checked?
You should contact the seller/venue for confirmation as concerts have differences when it comes to tickets purchased by other people but it is likely that you'd either need ID and the card used to pay for the tickets.
So long as the ticket is genuine I don't think it matter who's name is on it.
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I’ve never been asked for ID at Wembley. Besides, if any questions are asked just say they are a gift from your friend. I honestly can’t see a problem. Many times I’ve gone into venues with other people’s name on the tickets.
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