Any holiday home owners around(mobile home type)?

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Found 20th Sep 2009
Just wondered if anyone owns a mobile home on a holiday park? We're just back from south Devon and I loved it so much I'm seriously debating parting with some savings and buying one. Either in Devon or maybe North Norfolk where we'd be able to use it more.
How much roughly is ground rent and do you get much back from renting yours out?


Think it is important to separate the business from pleasure aspect if you are planning to buy a caravan on a holiday site. I have not ever owned a mobile home myself.
Its different however from buying a second home in an area you like with different rights.
You would be buying a static caravan with the right for it to remain on a holiday park for a set amount of time. Some sites may force you to buy a newer model every x years. The site will set maintenace fees that must be paid annually. You can usually only occupy the site - even though you have bought the caravan - for 9 or 10 months a year. If you want to sell the caravan to somebody else you may have to sell through the sites owners. Read any terms and conditions that come with the sale carefully. If you are planning to rent it out it might be worthwhile talking to other owners on site to judge how successfull this is. Unless you are planning to buy on a finance agreement it is potentially quite a sizeable sum to put down in the hope of generating enough income to cover costs and make a profit. If buying on a finance agreement you will need to take into account that the interest on the loan means the purchase price will actually be more than first stated.

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Just found a old thread and seems site fees are very high, Would be a cash purchase but I'd hope to make most of it back eventually. Maybe not such a good idea, just have to get a tent and keep the money in the bank!

over 2 grand ground rent 2200 about 3 years ago, rising stupidly fast.

Excellent fun, any caravan you buy is pretty much worthless after 6 7 years later, from 22 grand went down to about 4K, ok not worthless but thats a steep drop

Honestly excellent though
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