Any HOT deals for hardcore water pistols/guns :)

Found 11th May 2009
The kids found some old water guns/pistols in the garage at the w/e and what with the water bombs they won at a local fayre, it was never gonna be a dry day on Sunday lol.
The 2 water guns are huuuuuggeee and i must admit are great fun. Havin said that, they are old as i bought them at a car boot sale a couple of years ago and they leak and could be a bit better.

I was wondering if anybody knows of any good deals of some great water guns/pistols.
The bigger the better lol.
I got soaked so it's gonna be pay back time lol.

Thanks in advance
(Obviously Rep left for any good deals, cheers).
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just had a look on a few sites, but can only find big super soakers for around a tenner. might be a bit more than you were expecting to pay.

try amazon or ebay bud, i dont know how much your looking to pay so didnt know which ones you'd be interested in.

lol i found some water guns that fire wet sponges, but that might be a bit too extreme way of getting the kids back!

just found this one at tesco online, just over a fiver, looks big enough for payback.

Rep added, cheers.

I did have a look on play n amazon but nothin jumped out at me.

Pricewise, not sure really.
Anything that's a good deal i spose lol.
The 1 you pointed out fires upto 11m so that sounds good.

Believe me, theyvre gotta be big and/or powerful. The old ones (which they got me with at the w/e), are HUGE! Cannot be held with 1 hand lol.
[QUOTE=hutchir9;5181559]hi, try this one like the back pack

That looks awesome lol ;

hi, try this one like the back … hi, try this one like the back packhttp://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3650495/Trail/searchtext%3ESUPERSOAKER.htm

thats for the back pack only:thinking:

thats for the back pack only:thinking:

Oh yeh, so it is

Has any1 seen any REALLY big ones?
I want them to literally GASP when they see my water pistol LOL.
(That's what i say to all the girls LOL).
i bought a big one from maplins a few years ago, although, nothing beats a hosepipe, as i learnt a few weeks ago
I thought toys r us would have some huge ones but not much there
Will check out argos now
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