Any hotel Ethernet to wifi adapters?

    Hi, I'm going on holiday next week and the hotel room has an Ethernet socket but no wifi so I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any special sort of router I can plug in to give me wifi?

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    Travel router, cable router. I use a TP Link WL702 travel router.

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    i use connectify on my spare netbook, fully customisable etc.


    Travel router, cable router. I use a TP Link WL702 travel router.

    ​Second that

    Some travel routers require a separate power supply (mains or USB) which can be a pain. If you want to spend minimal money, mains-powered start from low£8 ex-UK delivered…605 or low£10+ if you need one quicker…021 or if you have a spare USB supply: under £6 delivered ex-UK…651.
    Suggest you familiarise yourself with any device before you use it in situ.

    I use one of these in hotels - works fine and USB powered

    eBay item number:141786897092


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    Thanks guys, just ordered the TP link travel router, hope it works!

    I too use the TP-link 702. Set it up at home before you go and don't forget to change the wifi default password otherwise half the hotel will connect to it
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