Any HSBC counter staff online now please????

Found 5th Feb 2009
I paid a cheque into HSBC last week for £97 and it showed up on my account straight away as paid in. Today I went up and paid two cheques in for £1,000 and just looked on my account online and they are not showing.
Can you tell me why this is please?
Could it be the amounts, which I find odd if it is ?
Was just going to bed and now this, won't sleep now until it sorted.
Thanks for any help.
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HSBC staff are usless in my area!! ask the machine!!
I will do its just going to bed now, I know I wont sleep cus it will be on my mind. Useless like that, do'nt sleep very well as it is.
It could be that the didn't enter it on the system straight away maybe ?? and only done it later in the day
did you put them in late in the day? They will probably show up tomorrow.
It normally depends on what time of day ou pay it in, ive done this with barclays before and after 3 (think so) it doesnt show up till the next day
I have trouble sleeping when I'm worried about something too.

The best thing I've been told is.. nothing can change now till morning anyway so rest xx
The first one was faster payment (the new system), these will appear overnight (about 3am) they cannot be drawn until at least Tuesday.
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