Any idea how much an original PSP 1000 / Fat is worth?

Found 14th Jan 2010
Comes boxed, in excellent condition with all the accessories and a 4gb Memory stick.
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no way, probably £40 tops
maybe 45 with the card
Not much unfortunately, I bought mine at launch for £180 and I think a while back highstreet shops were offering £40 cash for it (Gamestation I think). Not worth selling really...
I bought one last summer for about £60 delivered:thumbsup:
if you sent first i would offer £40 without the card or £45 with - obviously after 7 days.
i sold one for £70 on ebay it had cfw installed and a memory card full of games and films
Probably less than what it's worth now than in 7 days time
But I'd say £40 - £45 is fair
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