Any idea how to install British language pack in XP please?

    I either need the file for the british language pack or a clue on how to install it from my XP disc.

    I'm not quite sure how it's happened, but I hate having this US keyboard layout!! Thanks all.


    Doesn't Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options work?

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    Nope. I go to text services and input languages and British isn't listed. Short of reinstalling XP entirely I'm not sure what to do. :-(

    Do you have the XP cd?
    Cos even once it is installed, you can still insall options you didn't on 1st install.....i could have a play to try and add say, another country on mine and see what happens.....

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    Yeah I do but I don't see an option to install new languages.

    Try clicking on the "Details" button on the Languages tab


    yeah, i see your point.
    I can find how to install Asian languages, but it says UK should be there by default, according to MS

    "The East Asian languages include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The files for most other languages are installed on your computer automatically by Windows.

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    I got to the details tab but lots are missing.

    Hate to say this, but sounds like a new install to me :-(
    Hope someone can sort this

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    Ah well, if anyone can help then I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'll just keep this... just a few minor problems.

    Can't remember exactly but I think it's:

    Start > Control Panel > Classic View > Regional Language Options > Set Standards and Formats to "English (United Kingdom)" > Languages Tab > Text Services Input - Click "Details" > Default Input Language "English (United Kingdom)".

    This should change the layout back to UK, don't know if you need all the steps but this is what I did on my laptop.

    Don't forget to click "Apply" after every step and I hope this helps.

    this happened to me, i just took my keyboard out and rebooted my computer and then it worked fine for me. i will have a read around for you mate
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