Any idea of the cost per square meter of paving a driveway?

Found 15th Jun 2010
Thinking of getting the drive done but need a guide as to how much it is likely to cost per square meter all in when I get quotes. Also not sure whether to go for imprinted concrete, block paving, stone or tarmac as not sure of the price differences.

Anybody had there's done recently and have an idea? Thanks.
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I haven't had ours done yet but have enquired about a few things. I liked the imprinted concrete drives but were not by various people that after a few years they will crack. Block paving can be pricey (depends on company and experience) I have seen some that have sunk due to the weight of car on the drive. We were advised to have stones but I don't like them. I quite like the option of tarmac but with a block paved edging to finish it off, haven't had a quote on this yet though.
Must admit that having looked at drives locally I like the tarmac with edging however there seems to be a great variation in the quality of the tarmac used. I don't think the other half will go for it.
a neighbour had imprinted concrete and it gets REALLY slippy when it is wet ...
I once had a quote for imprinted concrete - the guy was here 4 hours.. £25,000 - lol
Builder gave a quote for plain concrete 4" deep - £4000-
Ten years later finally got round to having half of it done in tarmac with gravel on top like in national trust gardens, £2,200 -
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