Any idea what is wrong with our tv - Panasonic TX-32LXD52

Found 16th Mar 2009
This is 3 years old. It has a grey corner on it ( bottom left) so that in certain screens you can see for example a green football witha grey corner. My mum seems to think it has always been there sonce new! Have the pixels gone? Any ideas? It is under warranty so wanted to know what may be wrong with it so not fobbed off when engineer comes. Thanks
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I know my tv did that after a while and we thoguht it may have got damp (we had damp in the flat) Just a wild guess though. Some other people have tried this:

The magnetic field magnetizes the shadow mask inside the picture tube and causes the color distortion.
Every set has a built in degaussing coil that comes on every time you turn on the set. So, just cycle it ON and OFF several times and you should see the color distortion gradually dissappear. However, you must leave it ON for a couple of minutes because it takes a while for the current in the degaussing coil to build up to its full level.
nope it is there permanently even after hours so it can't be that. And it is not damp - the place is like going on holiday to the Bahamas(lovely and warm)!
defective picture tube? This costs almost as much as the tv though so hope it isnt that!

Also people have had problems where the tv has been dropped (so maybe by the delivery men?) and although there is nno visable damage to the casing, this discolouration happens in the corner where its been dropped.

The engineer may get you a replacement if it is the picture tube. Hope all goes well
thanks. As I said my mum thinks it has been there from the start - she may be wrong. It was not dropped at ll in the house - I suppose it could have got a bang en route. So it is not wear and tear? I am just thinking how they can get out of not repairing it - call me cynical I just think they will.
and do picture tubes really cost as much as the tv? If it is close she would rather have newer model of course rather then them spending hundreds of pounds on a tube so wanted to know how much they cost? Thanks
Since this is a LCD set it doesn't have a tube.
If there are more than 5 pixels not working then it should be repairable under warranty and it will require a new screen.
You could try a screenwash first. Leave the white snowy screen on for a couple of hours, at least 2. This may reactivate the dead pixels otherwise give the warranty people a ring and see what they have to say.
Useful stuff.

How do I leave the snowey screen on? Currently a lot more then 5 pixels not on.
hopeful bump?
You need to select a channel number not used then tune it manually to give you the snow screen, otherwise the set justs defaults to a black screen.
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