any idea why this is so cheap?

    190170560147 i know many of you may not like it - but thats not why its cheap, any idea why it is so cheap tho? many thanks clare x



    Guess you get what you pay for hun, the retail value is only £55 so it's not going to be a fantastic piece to start with- quite a few negative and neutral feedbacks aswell... the settings on cheap jewellery arent usually up to the job, and you'll lose the stones over time.
    Agreed it's cheap though and would do as dress jewellery

    The stones will be 'chips' rather than cut stones (if they are real at all) and it is only plated not solid gold.

    Look at the chain - have you ever seen anything so thin??? retail price £55?? Where?? Who on earth would pay £55 for that?? I wouldnt give them 55p!! A Russian Diamond stone isnt a diamond - its imitation. Save your money - its a peice of tat - just like the HPJ rubbish! The reason theres not more negative feedback is that people are being held to ransom over feedback - ie - leave me neg and i'll leave it for you!! Dont waste youre money!!

    From Hong Kong too.........

    Original Poster

    point taken, thanks guys!!!
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