Any idea's

    i have a load of old uni books for English Literature degree, is there any way of selling them, dont want to do it online as there are so many of them, is there any shops that would buy them off me? there just taking up space and we dont need them


    Maybe worthwhile contacting a few Unis. Maybe this years students would be interested...

    we have a shop i have sold books to in the past. I would think one near your uni-or put a notice on the boards in the student areas? or even local shops?

    Or how about advertising for pick up in the local paper .

    Are there not bookshops near Universities who hold such books? The one near Liverpool University has a secondhand section. Might be worth asking those near yours.

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    thanks everyone guess i starting ringing round

    are you still at uni?

    we used to sell ours to the students in the year lower, at the end of each year.

    we put a notice on a pinboard


    Don't publishers release updated versions, you ask if you can buy older revisions then the universities say no you must have this edition it's all a con if you ask me.
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