any ideas????

    Bought an item on ebay last week it was a photo frame,got it cheap now the seller has said the item was returned to him via royal mail and to check my address with paypal,they have refund my money through paypal too,so i jst send cash back with my full address and emailed them too.Do you think they are just trying too get out of paying fees the ebay or a scam?


    You bought it last week and the seller has it returned to him already,no chance!

    you said it yourself got it cheap !!! they have not posted it think yourself luckly money returned ..bad feedback coming dont worry sellers cant leave bad feedback

    Ask them to re-send it and if they make excuses neg them.

    give them bad feedback and block them from bidding on your items. I hate people that make excuses up for a low sale price.
    1. list it higher price that you feel is lowest you would accept
    2. admit its too low and you won't send it. (I'd respect them more for manning up)
    rant over.

    Original Poster

    have ask them to resend,payed throught paypal but also will report them to ebay because they will not have too pay fees,need the item for a birthday present but will not get it in time now

    What do you mean they won't have to pay fees?

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    they wont have to pay fees because according to ebay the sale was cancelled and they refunded my money
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