Any Ideas Appreciated - Bond Girl Theme For An Upcoming Hen Night

    I have been invited onto a friend's pal's Hen Night in June and there's a Bond Girl theme. I know you'll be thinking what a easy theme to have but im struggling to decide who to go as and what to wear.

    With the weather in Scotland being unpredictable (however we have had glorious sunshine the last week or so!!) i don't think i will be keen to wear the famous white bikini. Hehe. Did have the idea of painting myself all over in gold "body" paint if thats possible and go as an early bond girl - Shirley Eaton aka Jill Masterson. But wouldn't that require very little clothing again?

    Any help/suggesstions will be appreciated


    pussy galore

    Where in Scotland are you? Hope we get to see pictures after the event!!

    With that theme it's basically saying that you are going to have to wear very little clothing!
    Why don't you ask some of the other girls what they are wearing. I'm sure they're thinking exactly the same as you are!

    Guess it depends on which one you look like to begin with (hair wise, etc.)…php

    Original Poster

    Don't know if i really look like any but saying that i have blonde hair and blue eyes which a few bond girls have so i guess i have a few to pick from :roll:

    Just go all sparkly - diamonds are forever!!

    Cover little black dress in pennies and go as Miss Money penny???

    Barbara Bach? (Anya Amasova)

    Long black evening dress?

    Or just wear a sheet and be any of them ...


    Cover little black dress in pennies and go as Miss Money penny???

    That a good one .

    Did you decide what you are going to go as? Have a good time!

    Miss Moneypenny :geek:

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