Any ideas for a 60 year old males bday?

Don't like having to do this but I'm no good with t'interweb and looking for offer.

I'm looking for something special for my dad's 60th bday. I have around £100 to spare. He's like most 60 year olds and doesn't do much.

He has had a heart attack a few years ago so things like throwing him out of a plane isn't any good.

Thanks for any much needed help hukders


Digital radio... My mother in law loves hers.. Or kindle.

Golf lessons

does he like boxing?....tickets for a fight?.

parachute jump possible for charity

Go to pound shop buy 60 presents should take him all day to unwrap them


National Trust membership.
Kindle Hd

Hudl. Bought my dad one for his 70th, he loves it.


A night away full board


Theatre tickets




Day at the races


Crazy golf


Canal boat cruise with lunch


tickets for a museum


a coffin


some posts removed, remember the code of conduct please.

Some would be pleased to have a coffin bought for them, I remember we had a discounted one on here some months ago that members really liked, so each to his own.



a coffin

We will all need one, including you.



We will all need one, including you.

its not me you need to tell, i'd be happy to get a coffin as a present

audio books maybe?

treat him to a day out horse racing for a bit of a flutter

a 21 year old lady friend for the day

Colonic Irrigation Voucher
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It depends on his tastes really but maybe … It depends on his tastes really but maybe thishttp://www.royalmint.com/shop/the_2012_lucky_silver_sixpence

or just buy a silver sixpence off ebay for about £1 and spend another £1 on a box saving £28 and only wasting £2 on something so tacky, would you really be happy to be given something like that?

Supprise party or a weekend away


a 21 year old lady friend for the day

Yeah I agree, he's not dead yet.


Yeah I agree, he's not dead yet.

A hundred pounds, for a whole day. Im no expert but at that price do be expecting no looker!!

Getting back to a gift, did you want something he could physically keep, or a memory he will be able to recall?

If it is the former, could you get him a piece of art or sculpture made by a local artisan. I have a beautiful sculpture, which was a special birthday gift. You know if this is him. We bought my mum a really lovely bird bath as she is a very keen lounge window twitcher. I bought my sister jewellery and my Dad a crate of champagne, the latter being something he could open and enjoy when he chose, so his birthday, his wedding anniversary, the arrival of his Grandson.

If you want a recollection, then there are all the ticket ideas previously mentioned. Or you could look to see which local restaurants are Michelin starred? My Mum loves seafood, so I'm saving for the Outlaws at The Capital for her. for Dad we booked a floating restaurant, inviting his friends and naming all the tables after places from his life. That was a great day enjoyed by everyone.

Best of luck, whatever you decide. If it's a great deal remember to post!

Theatre tickets, family photos in a book form, tickets/hospitality at a sports event, concert tickets, iPod already loaded.
Ps, you'd be surprised what 60 years old can get up to!!!

4 x 4 adventure day in lake district, ......... or is this my wish.

When I was 60 my daughter bought me a day as a keeper at Chester Zoo in the giraffe house. It was brilliant and the best present ever!

Give him the 100 pounds and let him choose
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