Any ideas for a good snooker pc game?

Ive not much idea on these things, so any help is appreciated! I am after a good snooker pc game for my hubby compatable with windows vista. Dont mind if its an old one, just as long as it works on our pc. Has anyone any recommendations? cheers.


Jimmy Whites whilrwind snooker for the Amiga, or download an emulator and then download the game think its about 700k

I used to play Jimmy White Whirlwind Snooker which was avaliable for the PC.

Cracking game I even purchased it for my stepdad.
Its now avaliable as one of those classic type titles and I used to see it in my local Morrison for a few pounds.

Well worth a punt if you can find it cheap!

you can play online i snooker its called search for it

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Thanks so much for your help. Im going to have a look at the games now. This is why I like this site, someone always knows something about everything! Cheers. :-D

or you could just let him out of the house and down the snooker hall every now and then
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