Any Ideas For a Laptop?

    Hi, Sorry If I've posted this in the wrong area but am after buying a new laptop and only looking to spend £350-£400 tops. Need it for general Internet usage, Itunes etc and also to run photography software for an SLR camera. Not bothered if it comes with Vista as Brother In law will soon get rid of that!!!

    Many thanks in Advance



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    Many thanks, whats the difference between pentium dual core and this one though?

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    Sold out! and the £377 price did not include vat?

    Aye he went into staples and got it for qround the 400 mark
    Standard Dual core is an older architecture than core duo.
    If you are gettin a laptop try and find core duo :thumbsup:
    Usually you will see a core duo advertised as dual core core duo :thumbsup:
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