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having a charity night in Rotherham. my father is doing a charity night and we need some ideas for things to raise some money. already got in touch with the football teams and got some stuff from them, maybe readrers wife's? lol any ideas appreciated as its for macmillan and weston park cancer charities x

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See if there are any decent local bands willing to perform for free? If the local press are involved you should have no problem persuading someone.

rob a bank and when caught tell them you are doing it for charity

Sponsored events like waxing, head shaves and stuff normally do well.

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thank you, not for the bank job though! x

Fashion show, get local shops to donate clothing, friends to go down the runway and sell them after (the clothes, not your friends).
Or, thinking about it you could actually 'sell' your friends at auction, each one donates 4 hours and the person who 'buys' them can ask them to do anything (within reason) like mow the lawn, do some gardening, clean the house, do some ironing, fix their computer, babysit etc.


thank you, not for the bank job though! x

ok not a problem then rob a shop

Also, on the evening get in some of the Macmillan daffodils (I'm pretty sure they are daffodil) pins/badges and sell them (normally £1 or so donation) to people. Just go to your local Macmillan charity shop and ask them, I'm sure they will help you out.

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thanks. the macmillan area collection point has sent us all the letters so i'll ask them about the badges. x



ok not a problem then rob a shop…spx go here and you can organise some Macmillan badges which you can sell at the event.


I know some people who had a sale in their front garden for cancer research it was great last time I went they sold lot's and they opened their garden for tea and cake.

Good luck!

ask business for prizes for a raffle and tickets a quid

hire somewhere out and do a quiz night. Charge entry and then offer some of the money as a prize (or a prize donated from someone else) -- the venue might offer you discount off the costs of hiring the venue if its for charity.

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local scouts here have a las vegas night yearly for leaders and their spouses. Local business donate stuff. We play tehh casino all night ( exchange our wonga for monopoly style money). End of night auction where we all bid against one another with our winnings. Always a right old laugh

People auction - get some lovely men in uniform (or ladies!) and auction them off - eg: John is a gardner and will offer one day's gardening to the highest bidder: Laura is a chef and will cook you and 3 friends a meal at your home and serve it etc. We did this for our school and raised just over £1k which was pretty good for a night of fun!
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