Any ideas for decent Wii games for Xmas?

Was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some enjoyable Wii games.

Older brother is getting a Wii for Xmas at the grand age of 28 so was wondering if there are any good games to get him. Think he would be into the sport ones and driving and shooting games.

Was thinking Mrio Kart but thats like £26, was hoping it would drop in price. Anyone else recommend any bargains out there?

Cheers for ideas.


Mario Kart is good (agree the price should have come down but its still selling well). Also for his age, the new Super Mario would be good...i've just bought it and it took me back to when i was a kid.

New Super Mario Bros Wii
Super Smash Bros
Mario Kart
Mario Galaxy
Wii Sports Resort
No More Heroes

Pretty much every other Wii game is pap.

No more heroes is pretty cheap, i would go for that it cost is an issue

Mario and Sonic is fun if there is a group of you

ghost squad for shooters

Mario Kart as mentioned for driving

Raving Rabbids for pure stuppidity (I love this game!!!)

F1 2009 is pretty entertaining.

Raving rabbids is a great game we got it for the kids but have had just as much fun with a group of us, the mini games are all daft little challenges good for a giggle, theres a few versions of the raving rabbids game, we have the tv party copy and the original one both are good but the originals my fav.

Mario karts good its probably one of the most played in our house.

Wii sports resorts is brilliant lots of little games to keep you amused.

the Wii fit board & game is fun if there are a few of you taking turns, we got ours last xmas and had such a laugh the whole family and grandparents were trying to do the hula hoop game and we couldnt stop laughing at eachother.


what is the game i saw on telly last night where you sing and dance,

Original Poster

Cheers for the help guys, repped accordingly.

Gone for the Mario Kart, think that will be the one he'll get most use out of.

i have some games for sale in nearly new condition ,

Red steel
Raving Rabbids 2
Fantasic four the rise of the sliver surfer
Monsters 4x4 world circuit
Pirates of the carribeain at worlds end? x

Fifa 10 on the Wii is pretty good, don't get pro evo cos' the last couple of versions have been pap. Can't go wrong with Mario Kart tho tbh. Tiger Woods golf etc is pretty good, any EA sports games generally....


I think they are many games better than mario isn't they???
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