Any ideas for eye glare protection from computer screens?

Found 17th Oct 2017
I've got serious red eye from staring for hours on end at a computer screen do you have any ideas regarding helping the eye lubricate?

I've tried things such as ;

Eye drops
Tinted Glasses Designed to prevent Blue light
Software such as Flux
Community Updates
Warm glow bias lighting for the back of the monitorm to help reduce eyes strain.
use a bit of software called f.lux

Edit: Nice ninja edit there OP.. your original post didn't say what you'd already tried!
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Do you wear glasses? I was getting a lot of eye strain but just getting a pair of +1 of the shelf glasses fixed that.
As adam_holcombe has mentioned, F.Lux - works wonders for me.
If you've tried both f.lux and blue light blocking tint's in glasses, then the only other things to suggest would be hot compresses and lid scrubs to encourage your tear film (dry eye treatment effectively) and regular breaks (20/20 rule - 20 minutes of screen time then 20 seconds of looking away into the distance and blink 20 times).
Also scale your text larger as this will reduce the amount of focusing you require.
If nothing is working then I would suggest an eye test to make sure your eye sight is ok. I suffer similar issues when I don’t wear them when looking at a computer, but I’m fine when I wear them.
The first thing to do is make sure your screen is set up properly.

You want an appropriate level of contrast in your field of vision. That means you don't want a bright screen against dim backlighting or a dim screen in a bright room. The first is easier to fix, turn the brightness down or light the area around the screen. The second is more difficult, you may need to draw the curtains if the monitor/laptop doesn't go bright enough and is being used in a well lit daytime room.

The screen should also be an appropriate distance away from you, with higher DPI screens being designed for closer placement. If you can't read this text when you're sat back comfortably in your chair then move it closer. If it's a laptop then that may require a stand to raise it up.
You do realise a reading glasses prescription is not the same focal length as computer glasses. (That’s if you wear glasses)
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