Posted 20th Mar 2009
ok some of you know im sueing the builder who built my house but ive a new problem
Ok monday had the council out to bait cos we had something going in and out of the cavity wall between us and next door, the council guy confirmed it was a rat ( or more then one) getting in via next doors water/sewage drain cos he found rat droppings, so he baited the main drain and a smaller on in the road and will be back in a week, thought ok rat be dead in a few days. guy next door isnt interested even though its in his walls, behind his cupboards and under his stairs, but its driving me nuts and i dont want it getting into the house or biting my power cables behind the power point where it seems to like scratching. So any ideas guys???
rep for any ideas im getting to the point i dont want to open the doors unless i have something heavy and big in my cant bait anywhere outside the drain as i have a little boy and there are a million cats that just LOVE my garden
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