Any ideas on how to save money when getting Microsoft Certification?

    Hi - I am interested in getting Microsoft certified as an IT professional. I am considering either a Visual Basic qualification or becoming a Microsoft Desktop Support Technician. Anyone got any top tips on how to save money while doing this? Clearly, I can buy a book or order it from the library, and save money rather than going on a course. Is there a cheap way of taking the exam or doing other revision?
    All tips/advice welcome!

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    Dont know if its allowed but perhaps people sell their old folders from the courses? Years ago I did the MCSE courses - NT4 - and my folders just gather dust since then as I would generally use the CD's as cross referral. Courses were paid by my employer and they didnt push for doing the exams but not sure the Desktop one will take you far as its quite basic and IT doesnt command high rates any more - up in Aberdeen Unix\Linux, Web Design, and for some reason Doc Control are all demanding good rates - wouldnt go for latter as its just glorified electronic filimg clerk with a bit of savvy and pretty boring in the main...Web\Visual basic is where I would be looking for - there re other courses too - some just need one exam...I remember I once got all the cd's for MCSE NT4 off one of those web sites cos I had misplaced one of my cd's but you should have the originals before downloading.....

    I didnt got the the NT4 MCSE cos at that time the exams were not too difficult - met loads of "Paper MCSE's" as we called them - guys who had a good memory but no common sense for applying what they knew, its all a lot better now I think....If you could get into a job with a decent company you might gt the training provided.....
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