Any ideas on price? G2 Touch (HTC Hero)

    I know I couldn't list for 7 days - but need help with this.

    Having ordered a Desire HD, I would want to try and put this handset towards the cost of the new phone.

    I've had the phone for 15 months and has always had a screen protector on and in one of the soft gel cases, so i would say it is in excellent condition that way. The only problem is that the ear piece bar which is black as the usual paint rub off so half of it is turning silver in colour (seems to be a problem with these)

    It is fully boxed with unused headphones, and has the original charger and lead (used)

    It is locked to T Mobile and is not rooted.

    any guide on a price?



    You're looking around £90-£130.

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    Anyone else?

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