Any ideas on quietening the fan on my laptop?

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Found 16th Feb 2009
Work have supplied me a new HP Compaq 6735s and the thing about it that really annoys me is the fan - it seems to turn itself on every other minute or so. Surely it doesnt get that hot? The laptops only a couple months old. Are there any settings that can be changed to shut the damn thing up that anyone knows? Thanks


laptops get really hot, a friend of mine brought his round one night, and we found that most of the time it runs at 70c.
get yourself one of those laptop fans, looks like a board with fans in, you sit the laptop on top of it and it sucks out the hot air or blows in cold air, and they make a lot of difference. only about £17 in pcworld


Unplug it.

yes unplug it so your laptop cpu explodes, than buy a new laptop.

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Its not mine, it belongs to work - hence it stays on cos Im oncall. Like the idea of the laptop fan board tho - as long as its not noisey too !

Have you tried changing the power settings? If the machine is idling I'd try changing it down to power saver mode which may force the machine downclock its components although some will just ignore this when on mains power.


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Thanks for the suggestion John, but would that not drop its VPN connection to work?

No it shouldn't do, normally this drops the screen brightness, processor speed and graphics card core to lower the power usage. It also sets the screen to switch off quicker and the system to standby however you can modify this to 'never' to have the machine running at a lower power state without powering down. Depending on how the machine is set up you may need to check it doesn't disable any of its network cards but that should easy enough to sort.

The main issue is simply whether the machine will actually lower power while on mains, I think it's worth trying.


sometimes raising the back of 'noisy' (hot) laptops helps ...try putting a book or heat mat underneath the back, its a bit awkward at first but a friend uses their like that all the time and says it doesn't bother them.

you could open the laptop and replace the existing thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5 paste. i did that with mine and it reduced the temp by 5-10 degrees. now the fan doesnt kick in as much.

As noone else has suggested it, clean the damn vents! Gently suck the fluff out from every orifice, you dont need laptop coolers or any other stupid accessory #(not unless the laptop fan is faulty itself)

I've had a similar problem with a Dell and have asked them about it today - they suggested flashing the latest bios version. Just done that and will see if it helps control my overactive fans...

Quite often get laptops in the work shop which have this problem. Usually we take the heatsink out, give it a good clean (usually theres a load of fluff clogging it up in laptops 2+ years old), also clean the CPU and heatsink and apply fresh thermal paste, silver based stuff is great for keeping the temps down.

If the fan is really really noisey sometimes end up replacing it...
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