Any ideas on where to buy crates / packs of bottled drinks?

    More specifically, I'm trying to find somewhere that'll do a decent price on crates or packs of the normal 500ml bottles of either Mountain Dew of Lucozade (Orange if possible).

    I've noticed that Mountain Dew is now sold in packs in the supermarkets (saw them in Tesco today), but they're 400ml, not the normal 500ml, and the Lucozade in packs are 380ml, not 500ml.

    Thanks for any help. =)


    Got a Makro card?

    Picked up 12 bottles for £7+ VAT. Normal bottles are 380ml though....

    Try Home & Bargains, poundland etc

    Original Poster


    Got a Makro card?

    Yeah. I may have to take a look. Thanks.

    And if that is the normal size for Lucozade, I may just have to bite the bullet anyway. I just assumed they were normally 500ml like the others. Mountain Dew certainly is.

    I bought a load from wilkinsons for 40p a bottle. I think they where 380ml ones.

    you Could try
    Approved foods (online food discounters)
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