any ideas what these are please?

    a friend of mine has these and we dont know what they are

    any ideas?


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    Cake crumbs?

    why not ask him/her... your friend that is

    They appear to metallic objects, with a design that represents that of a stag's head. I can't be sure though. Perhaps we should ask a scientist?

    How is that a puzzle, level 6 must be a 'special' level.

    Looks like a coat hook to me.

    He uses them to bling his teeth for a night out?

    At a guess ........napkin holders .

    Nipple clamps?

    Somewhat amused by the further guesses when I posted the answer oO


    Somewhat amused by the further guesses when I posted the answer oO

    Yeah, you are probably right, snazzy cuff links it is then
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    I'm changing my guess.

    They're two of a set of five jacks.

    kitchen door knobs

    I don't know what they are or how they got into my bum in the first place.

    I also don't know why the doctor who took them out gave them to you!
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    They look like food crumbs, you can get rid of them by cleaning up after you eat.
    Much Love.

    Spur thingies???

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    lol thankyou for the amusing replies, as for the crumbs i told her to tidy up after she eats

    thanks for the link to the puzzle thingy
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