any ideas where to buy a makeover photoshoot from

Anyone know of anywhere in Cardiff Caerphilly Swansea bridgenend rct area where I can get a special day for my daughters 30 th birthday pamper makeover photoshoot for one I,m really stuck and was thinking something like this would be nice to remember and a photo to always remind her I,ve looked on web but can't find what I,m looking for I need to book in advance a date to make sure she gets it for her birthday many thanks


I wouldnt suggest going for the photo shoot. Once you have taken the pictures they con you into buying a lot of photos and they charge extortion. I think you should do a bit of more research, see what they offer you, how much you pay and ask for what you get?

It might be even worth just doing the make up at MAC and then going for a photoshoot by a photographer.


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I know urban decay do a full make up for £35 in Debenhams, as I was looking last week,
But I know makeover/shoot companies push you to buy more pictures, so as a present unless you willing to pay more for them I wouldn't recommend it.

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I was thinking tha at I would have liked somewhere with a fixed price for it all and maybe one nice picture to take away for a keep sake ,aw I really can't think what to do for her I,m stuck thanks for the replies

The money you will spend on a shoot and make up why not take her to an all day spa and go with her? or even a package? after facial, ped, manic go have some make up done at MAC / Urban Decay then go out for a meal or something?

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Thanks punji that sounds like a plan may look into that for her
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