Any keen snooker players?

    I have been playing snooker for many years now and have reached a reasonable standard, my highest break is 94.
    Would be good to here from any other keen players


    What is a break...?

    I love the game, I used to play a lot when I was a younger, highest break on a full size is only 46 though - Not really had the time to play in recent years though, still play pool though.

    Lol always enjoyed watching but never good playing! Think my highest break to date is around 20! do enjoy a good few games and beers at rileys every now and again.:thumbsup:


    What is a break...?

    A break is the number of points scored by a player when potting in balls on a snooker table in ONE visit - as a player can come to the table several times - different balls are worth different points and can only be potted in a certain order.

    Not snooker but I used to play 8 ball pool for my county a few years back.

    I've moved since then and don't have the time unfortunately.


    I have had 123 maximum breaks (147) at my local club in Leicester.
    Love Willie Thorne ( liar ).
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