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Any know a Number I can contact ''The Hut'' that they will answer :-(

Posted 31st Jan 2013
I sent an order back In late Dec 2012 and I’m having trouble getting a answer back from this mega crap retail company, they don’t answer there phones they don’t answer there Emails they don’t answer there in account mails, most of their Tel numbers now seem to not be' live' anymore and the ones that are just give you a message to mail them and hangs up !!! Stress
Did manage to talk to them once and they told me they never got my return and to email them proof of postage (which I did) and still nothing ARGGGGGG more stress lol

0871 560 2141 rings then dead
0871 223 2067 dead
01606 338578 dead
0844 243 9090 give message and hangs up !
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