any laptop fix specialist here?

Posted 23rd Sep
I bought laptop from Ebay,seller stated that it has only issues with screen as he when he attached monitor it did work. ~
As I received laptop,I could not even start it up/power it up,as later find out battery that is installed is ok after giving it a time to charge it up,coz I thought it could be there a fault...
in laptop only HDD,DVD-Rom,sometimes fan/cooler starts up obviously sold me laptop that has motherboard issues...
Any idea how hard to fix microchip for graphic installed on motherboard? when i turn on laptop it has a sound (like sparkling) from that place where I believe is graphic processor. It is worth to check it with voltmeter first?
Please, give me a tip how to fix it...if voltmeter would help out to check Voltage for specific laptop places where microchips has fault...coz if it has all motherboard faulty,no pint than even to keep it...all I've gained from it only 4GB DDR3L RAM.. 3298637.jpg
it is ACER E5-573-5864
S/N NXMVHEK017532028517600
SNID: 53201032176
as i stated it has sound from a place where I believe is graphic processor microchip (placed close to integrated laptop battery).
I have tried to download from ACER web manual to check it myself,but there is not one,just some info and tips of using laptop and Windows 10... 3298637.jpg
If you have a time ,could you check for me,or send me a link for forum where I could get some technical support with it?!
Appreciate it!

p.s. Yeah,one more thing,if I would have a BIOS signal sound,I could diagnose what is an issue by that way,,,but when I connect a back panels speakers,still was nothing...
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Return it as "not as described"
Unless you have access to spare parts and very specialised equipment it's a no go, return it.
Why are you even trying to fix it?? As above, send it back as NAD and get your money back
A message from a seller:
Well I did list it as spare or repair

So you can either use the spares from this laptop
Or buy another motherboard and install in this which should make it work.

I hope you are happy and leave positive feedback for me.

i would still send it back, screenshot the listing if it did say only the screen was faulty...
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