any laptop reccomendations?

    looking to spend around £300 but this isnt really a deal request as i dont mind people linking me to ebay etc

    needs to be core 2 duo something like 2ghz and atleast 2gb ram if on vista. Hard drive must be around 120 or more even 80 should be good and must have built in wifi.


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    not lookng to purchase off here though coz i gota wait 7 days for that lol.

    How about this…733

    You might want an extra gig of ram but that's only £15 or so.

    dell inspiron 1525 is a great laptop (i'm using it now)…spx

    maybe a tad expensive but there are a lot of voucher codes that can be used.

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    That toshiba looks nice and the dell wouldnt really make me wana spend £70 more i dont think its worth it. Although thanks and both repped.

    Although i wouldnt mind paying more just no that specific laptop.

    Should add that my teenage daughter has a Tosh laptop and reckons it's great. Much better than her father who bought it for her. :roll:

    It does have a very solid feel about it - probably withstand a few "accidents".

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