Any Locuzade Energy Orange Deals?

    Got some Lucozade Orange bottles from Tesco at 72p, unfortunatley didn't get enough.

    Anyone know of any deals with lucozade? Size of the bottle doesn't matter - just as long as the price per litre of Lucozade is 72p/L.

    Thanks in advance! ;-)


    poundland do two of the little bottles 72p 2 for a pound hope that helps

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    Is that 2x 500ml for £1?

    yes they do. Also ASDA do there own which is just a nice and that is a litre for for around 70p last time I checked in orange or original flavour

    Woolworths are doing 2 bottles for a pound original and other flavours

    Just wondering, why must it be 72p per litre?

    somerfield is bogof on a 4 pack atm

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    Just wondering, why must it be 72p per litre?

    Same price that tesco had it on.

    Asda Supercentres are doing the 6x330ml 2 packs for £4 at the mo

    You will be able to get it at a simlar price acoss a couple of supermarkets in June.........

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