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Posted 21st Nov 2023
Update 1
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Just noticed the pink presale tickets are available to Vodafone veryme customers first, and was wondering if any lovely person with an account could share a code?
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  1. bobdylan's avatar
    Would love a code if someone would be so kind please

    (please note that I've not just joined up this week in order to post this request)

    Pls send via PM so someone doesn't use it before me, many thanks (edited)
    windym's avatar
    Indeed. Amazing the new posters who come and ask for codes without giving anything to the site. As I said on the other begging thread, if peeps would just take a moment to check out who is asking and decide whether that person has made any contribution to this site before dishing out codes, we may actually have more people posting deals and giving advice, rather than joining and never coming back again.
  2. angleseyman's avatar
    Hi if anyone has a spare code please can you send me a Message? My daughter will be 10 in june and she is pink mad ! Would love to take her to Liverpool to see her , Thanks in advance to anyone who can help x
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    I have a code if you want it
  3. wherethetoolzat's avatar
    Msg me direct or something I wouldn't be using mine I will give you it no probs .
    It's doesn't release till tomorrow though
    (Unsure about time)

    51582016-vyAOS.jpg (edited)
  4. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    glen76's avatar
    Thank you so much I got a DM from another member and used that code so hopefully someone else can make use of that one. It was very kind of you so thank you again.
  5. Gollywood's avatar
    PM sent
    ianporter54's avatar
    Thank you so much Gollywood
  6. bozo007's avatar
    Zero activity account begging for codes
  7. Jessica321's avatar
    There's already a discussion about this which you have posted on

    one_eight_seven's avatar
    Too many newly created accounts in that post, there's another post asking for the same thing created in the last 49 minutes...
  8. bozo007's avatar
    Nothing like a brand new account begging already
  9. mug's avatar
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Just tell them to register with TicketMaster.

    They are doing the same as Voda so they don't need a code.
  10. Uridium's avatar
    Welcome to HotUKDeals
  11. ellenwhite80's avatar
  12. wherethetoolzat's avatar

    I posted this a few minutes ago (edited)
  13. Haz_19's avatar
  14. dipsylalapo's avatar
    Just checked the app, offer unlocks in 5 days for me. Assume it's the same for everyone.

    PS happy to PM you the code when it unlocks (edited)
    Susan_Hodge's avatar
    Hi could I be considered for your code please? Make a girls dream come true I have used this site for around 12 years
  15. HotUKDealsHobo's avatar
    Same 5 days, just PM if dipsylalapo can't help
  16. Footiefan920193's avatar
    Cheers both, thanks will stick a calendar entry in so I don't forget haha
  17. deleted2978733's avatar
    I really need the Vodafone veryme code too for the same presale, if someone will be so kind to share it
  18. melanie.law's avatar
    if anyone else has a spare code going i would be very grateful going to attempt to get tickets for xmas gift fingers crossed x 
  19. kirsty.mcallister's avatar
    I would also love a code if anyone can give me one too 🤞🏼
  20. sm9690's avatar
    Offer doesn't unlock for 5 days
  21. Corinne_rusling's avatar
    Ohh i would really love one to to treat my daughter if anyone has a spare or would be willing to share the code 🙏 x
  22. Amber_Free's avatar
    Do you need to log in on the app to access it though or can you put the code on the ticket master site?
  23. Carmen_Martinez's avatar
    Pretty please can someone give me a code I would love them from afar for the rest of my days
  24. Campbell_Whytock's avatar
    Hi everyone,
    If anyone would share a Pink presale code via their Vodafone veryme app I would be so grateful.
    My daughter was really disappointed when she missed out on TS tickets.
    Many thanks
  25. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    The codes aren't available until Sunday
    presaleking's avatar
    Have you got anything yet? Maybe just the link
  26. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    You can register via ticketmaster without vodafone anyway
  27. mr_spatel's avatar
    Only for HUKD veterans I believe!
  28. Inceywincey18's avatar
    Jumping on the bandwagon but would also love a code if anyone doesn't mind. Many thanks
  29. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Just register with TicketMaster.

    You don't need a code.
    Spreadpositivity's avatar
    Ticketmaster is UK only.
    I'm looking dublin
  30. Sharpie's avatar
    Ticketmaster pre-sale registration (via fan page) opened Tuesday.
    If I get tickets from that, I will pass Vodafone code on.
    Spreadpositivity's avatar
    Ticketmaster is UK only not Dublin. I have signed up for the promoter presale but as u know that is the luck off the draw. Trying every option there is lol
    That would be brilliant if you could thankyou very much 💫
  31. angleseyman's avatar
    Hi if anyone has a spare code please can you send me a Message? My daughter will be 10 in june and she is pink mad ! Would love to take her to Liverpool to see her , Thanks in advance to anyone who can help x
  32. Emma_Lea's avatar
    Does any lovely person have a Vodafone Pink presale code they won’t be using please?
  33. Emma_Lea's avatar
    Does any lovely person have a vodafone rewards Pink presale code they won’t be using please 🙏🏻😁
  34. Morganmx's avatar
    Anyone please able to share a code with me for vodaphone very me pre sale tickets for P!NK please I’m desperate it’s for Xmas present for my mother who’s always wished to see her! I’d be so grateful!! 
  35. HungryDragon's avatar
    Does anyone know how it works with the Vodafone presale please? A family member has Vodafone but they don't know their way around the app very well. They said it says 15 hrs but that's when the tickets go on sale. Do you normally get a code before the tickets go on sale?
  36. titch04's avatar
    Has anyone got a very me code for presale tickets for Glasgow for pink thanks in advance
  37. AV.ash's avatar
    If anyone has one spare, I would be most grateful. Will be a Xmas present for my daughter

    Ty x
  38. Susan_Hodge's avatar
    Please could I have a spare code. After the year of deaths in our family this would make some girls super happy 🙏 I have used this site for over 10 years pretty please 🙏 from a widowed single mum 
  39. xlxlndsayxmx's avatar
    Would also love a code if anyone is able to PM one it would be appreciated x
  40. Dan_Porter's avatar
    Please could I get a code too? 🙏 I'd really appreciate it, thanks very much (edited)
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