any magic the gathering fans ??

    My son has around 1500 mtg cards, including rares and foils, i have no idea about them, theres lots of lands, sea, mountains, forests, swamps mana's, approx 400 cards of each colour ( his info). All cards are in excellent to mint condition. He also has counters and dice ect.
    does anyone how much are these worth he rekons about £70


    Lands (unless they're other than basic) and worth nothing, stores give them away.
    Commons are between 5 and 10p each.
    Uncommon, depends on what, some are as moch as a couple of quid.
    Rare, Very much on what they are. Just because they're rare doesn't mean they're worth anything. There are rare that only go for a few p as they're no a lot of use in the game.

    Price can all depend on what set they're from. Only the last 3 expansions plus the core set can be used in standard tournament play, so anything older will only sell to collectors or people who don't play in tournaments and pay less for cards.

    There are some online guides that'll give you a rough guide to price. You could also try Ebay, but the prices there have been falling over the last few years. The days of getting £500 for a Black Lotus have long gone. . .

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    cheers, we looked on ebay and thats where he got his guess with people selling them in bulk. He wants to sell his as he doesn't play anymore you see
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