Any Marks and Spencers employees around...? (Question about staff discount)

Found 12th Dec 2009

I'm interested in getting a 3rd Gen 32GB iPod Touch. I was going to order from Amazon for £209.99, but noticed M&S are selling them for £229. Our local M&S has an Electronics Department, and my Mum happens to work there... so the question is, could she use her 20% staff discount on the iPod Touch? It'd mean getting it for £183.20.

I'd ask my Mum, but she's gone out to watch a movie and have a meal, don't really want to disturb her. Especially since I know her, and knowing my luck, I'd ring and she'd have left her phone on during the movie! So I thought I'd ask the helpful folk of HDUK.

If no one's around, not to worry.

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for sure she could use it

But as you're not buying it tonight obviously I don't know why you … But as you're not buying it tonight obviously I don't know why you couldn't just use google or wait for your mum to get home.

I did Google, but couldn't find anything conclusive - just a lot of misleading stuff, with some saying it's acceptable and others saying it's not, which is why I came here to try and get an answer. And I understand your point, but it's just a thread - I thought I'd either get an answer or it'll just sink off the page, either is fine. Only reason I wanted to know is because it's a present for me off my parents, I was going to order a pair of trainers from the US, but now thinking of an iPod...but if you can't use the staff discount, I might just plump for the trainers - and they'd need to be ordered tonight, really, to get them delivered in time.
I used to work for M&S and my brother still does and you cant use staff discount on electrical items.

I just gave you the answer aswell....

Did I say you didn't? I was just explaining my reason for posting, you argumentative little so-and-so.
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