Any mechanic on here? Problem with a 206 auto.

    I've a 53 plate 206 auto.
    About a month ago the gearbox failed. I've had a new one fitted and there where the problems have started.

    It now won't move out of 2nd until I hit around 30, and won't move out of 3rd until I hit almost 40.
    This is on the flat.
    Those are most of the time.

    I've had it going downhill at 50 and it wouldn't move out of 3rd. And then the next hill, same gradient, it was in 4th at around 35.
    A couple times I've applied gas and nothings happened for a few seconds, then there's a 'clunk' from underneath and it's started to move.

    The garage has had it back 4 times so far. They agree there's a problem, but can't find it. They've taken it back to the main dealer twice and had the gearbox software reloaded. They've 'scanned' it lots of times but it's not throwing up any error codes.

    With the old box I was getting around 35 mpg, I'm getting getting less than 20. I guess because it's always in the wrong gear.

    2 days before the box failed it was MOT'd and had full service, so I'm fairly sure the only issues is with the new box.

    can anyone suggest what the problem might be? And what to do next??



    Obviously an issue with the "new" box. (if it is a brand new one)
    The garage that installed it must provide a warranty for the work done, they need to fit a different one if its not right.
    Take it back and demand a different box fitting.

    Probably no use to you, but I had much the same fault on a Mercedes CLK a few years ago. It was the speed regulator in the gearbox (a mechanical part), they apparently get stuck every so often and need to be replaced. Part was cheap, labour wasn't! Good luck.

    Not a mechanic but its sounds like a faulty hydraulic control unit (its the bit inside the gearbox that tells it to change gear)

    Either way the warranty with the newly fitted box should resolve it for you. take it (albeit in 2nd gear ) back to the fitting company.

    That's my 2p worth
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