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I need to know if its legal and safe to add a middle seat belt to a car ? thanks

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What car?

My KAs only got 2 at the back because it's a 4 seater.

How many seats is it insured for?

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im thinking of buying a c70 t5, but i need 3 seats in the back to use maybe once a month, i was thinking of using the other 2 belts as anchor points and putting in a lap seat belt in the middle(tucked under the seat the rest of the time)


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no, thats why i asked if its safe and legal
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It wouldn't be legal. You would have to get it done by a garage and then have it checked by a DVLA Centre as you've modified the car from its original seating.unless it's it's got mounting points already fitted.
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To give you a sensible answer, no definatly not please dont attempt it .

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looks like i'm not buying it then boo

thanks all
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Two belts off one anchor point would be a no no

Dvla Centre +£80 plus geting car there, hanging around while they check it

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Go to a dealer and ask if theres an option to have a middle seatbelt

yeah might give one a ring tomorrow thx,
a bit more reading it can be done by reinforcing new anchor points and a dvla inspection, then there is insurance to deal with so im back to looking at a x type or a 325

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X type or 325 no comparison the 325 is better by miles.
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