Any mechanics out There..How to replace a drivers door lock on Nissan Micra (not Central Locking)

Found 29th Jun 2011
Can anyone help me , both locks on Nissan Micra will not open with Key..

Looks like may need to replace barrels ,, anyone replaced the locks or know a site with info ,, at the moment getting in car via hatch..

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lol pics (gif) or your lying lol.

In all seriousness i dont think its a complicated job at all. Get a lock from the scrappies or deler, or ebay if you dont mind the seller knowing where you live..... giving them teh prime chance to steal your micra.
If you seen the car not top of a tea leaves list ,, skint so need to keep it goin on the 94 plate
Mechanic could probably do it for an hours labour plus the cost of the part. You could always source the part yourself to save a few quid
thanks ,, but will have a bash , any good mechanic forum sites
Remove door panel (several screws for door handle etc, plus several studs around panel which need a tug to remove. Remove clear sheet (try not to cut but carefully peel). There should be link rods which need to be detached but I think you need to remove the barrel which is held in via a tension fork which slides off. Refit in reverse order. May be worth checking that the rods have not come off & need reattaching rather than having to replace the lock assembly.
Thanks a lot ... will have a go ....
Thanks going to send step-son out to try this as it's raining and darling husband has lost the only key!
I don't mind playing the girly card!!
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