any medical people in ???????????

    what could cause pain in the lower back and painful cramps in the abdomen ,not there all the time comes and goes but pain driving me insane,almost like having toothache but only in the back co.codamol is doing nothing for the pain ,does anyone know anything about nerve or muscle pain?do u need to use different sort of pain relief for this type of pain at my wits doctor is sending me to physio???dont know how thats going to solve anything.incidently have suffered m.e. in the passed do u think its anything to do with that???please send suggestions to me quickly!!!thanx


    Do you drink a lot of coffee?

    I had very bad 'cramp' pains and I cut the coffee out, no pains now. Only a suggestion that worked for me. Maybe it is some other sort of dietary problem.

    *Ok first up, Co-codamol is useless for back pain. What you need is something with Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) in it. If you're talking about over the counter medicine (rather than doctor prescribed) can I suggest going to boots and asking for a box of Nurofen Plus. Make sure you read the label. :thumbsup:

    *This advice is given ‘as is’ and is in no way a diagnosis or substitute for seeking real medical treatment :whistling:

    maybe a kidney/water infection?? they are very painfull


    maybe a kidney/water infection?? they are very painfull

    Yep, sounds about like it could be that, but suggest you try the NHS direct web site to check out your symptoms:thumbsup:

    Constiptaion ,IBS,renal colic ,UTI, pancreatitis, muscular back pain, gastritis to name a few differential diagnoses.

    Really depends on a more detailed history, examination and some urine tests.

    Phone NHS 24/Direct for advice and see your GP next week.

    Don't rely on information from a hot deal website!! ;-)

    Maybe you're in labour.......:)

    It sounds like you're doctor suspects it is muscular back pain. You probably think its odd that you get adomen pains but there may be pressure on a nerve. As the poster above suggests follow the advice of the doctor for now but there is no harm in using some of the health websites to become a more "informed" patient.

    The health encyclopedia on NHS DIrect website is good [url][/url]

    There is [url][/url] by the BMJ (also excellent but only covers some conditions)

    Then there is [url][/url] - although geared to health professionals there is a section of patient information leaflets. This covers many of the conditions a GP typically sees....

    Original Poster

    just to say thanks for your replies now thinking it maybe a urine infection right enough ,now going to toilet more than usual going to get it checked out ! hope i get sorted out soon pain is driving me mad !!!:x

    Drink cranberry juice. It is good for urine and kidney infections.

    Good luck mstiny, hope your better soon:thumbsup:

    hope you feel better soon mstiny.
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