Any memories of Goose Fair, Nottingham?

    Hi all,
    I'm teaching 5-7 year olds at present, and our topic is fairgrounds-particularly Goose Fair.

    I had a lady on freecycle offer me her memories from the 60s, 70s and present and they kids absolutely loved it.

    So does anyone else have any memories I could share with the children? Particularly the sights and smells, and anything that contrasts to how they know Goose Fair at present.. The older the memories the better.

    Thanks a lot!!


    Original Poster

    Thanks have already been on that site, but after real memories, not just written history.

    Thanks though!

    There is a paper called the worlds fair it comes out on Thursdays you can get it from most news agents.
    It might be helpfull?It is all to do with funfairs.
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