Any mods about?

    Hi, Im looking for a section of my first post in a thread to be cut and pasted into my 1st reply if thats possible, otherwise the thread will get too confusing!

    thanks very much in advance and now i know in the future what i should have done!

    the thread is…037

    and the secton I need cutting and pasting is:

    Super Paper Mario Wii Only Played a few times £15

    SSX Blur Wii £10

    Need for Speed Carbon Wii (In German only!!) £4

    White Ipod Speaker Dock with remote. Great reviews…tml Paid £90 - Sell for £30

    Jessops A4 Resin Coated Monochrome Photograpgic Paper 100 sheets NEW (Still has its £30 price tag on- £20 (heavy to post!)

    Sony Minidisk Player/ Recorder Inc case and about 20 Disks, £19

    A very nice makeup box that has a mirror in the top and loads of makeup!.
    It was an unwanted present that was bought in France. It is new and unused but has been opened to see what is in side! The make is a Canadian brand called Cosmepro £22

    Nightmare and Fairy Tales Vol 1: Once Upon a time (Serena Valentino) £6

    Marvel Collectors Edition: Wolverine and Deadpool 117 Mint Condition £3

    Batman Legends Issue 6 Mint £3

    Batman Legends Issue 26 Mint £3

    Multiple Photoframe £7

    A couple of golf accessorys, Putting Peg, Glove, Brush Tee, Divot replacer. £5

    A Couple of Animal T Shirts size XL that I got for christmas that I probably wont wear! BNWT looking for £10 each Ill stick the pics on if any interest

    HELLRAISER Ltd Ed 4 Disk Box Set Only one disk watched £11

    Viva Pinata 2 Brand new and sealed, £22

    I also have a car audio system for sale, all JBL
    I have a 6 channel 1000w max amp, 2 x 6 by 9's 2 component 3 way speakers and a 12" sub.. If there is any interest ill post the pics because they are stored away in the garage! They wouldnt exactly fit my Hyundia Atoz

    Possibly a few more things too.. but thats it for now! any questions??

    Hellraiser is now sold
    - chrisharry12345

    Super Paper Mario is now sold
    - chrisharry12345


    Just add it yourself using the edit button. :thumbsup:



    Just add it yourself using the edit button. :thumbsup:

    + 5million

    Original Poster

    I need it removed from the 1st post though as i cannot edit it when items are sold... it also will look very confusing if i keep it there and add it into the post below.

    Useful tool to see if mods are online.


    Thanks to Garyrip

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