Any more Which? subscribers out there? I'd like your views on it please if you have a minute......

    Has anybody any views on Which? these days, particularly after the recent site revamp?

    My main gripe is that they've dropped any reference at all to the month (or even year) that reports were published. That means, of course, that all the reports look as if they're recent - a huge bonus when a lot of the content is ageing and out of date. It also means, though, that you could be looking at something up to 3 years out of date without knowing it. hardly very helpful!

    My other gripe is that most of the reports are now so shallow and lacking in detail that they're of very limited use.

    Do any subscribers (or others) have any views on these issues, or any other issues, please? I'd like to be able to feed a few reactions back to Which? to encourage them to improve what they're currently offering.

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