Any mortgage advisors on here?

If there are could you drop me a pm I could do with a bit of advice, like a 'loose' second opinion. Please...


Lots of free advice on Money Supermarket. We actually spoke with the Broker that they recommend, they looked for a Mortgage for us and couldn't find a deal better than we had, but did make us a massive saving on our Life Insurance.

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Is more about the amount that can be afforded initially rather than the amount of repayments.

If anyone knows which company most lkely to lend the most?

The mortgage is for my Mother, who has a large deposit but not large enough! Who is retired.


How old is she J?

I was very hesitant in using a Broker, but I can't recommend that company enough. Like I said, we didn't even get a Mortgage with them in the end, but they still did all the leg work.

If you contact them with your request, they should help out, quite hassle free as well.

If not, I am sure there are lots of Peeps on here that will be able to assist you.

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Problem Solved.

Thanks for your help people.


Hello, I am an Independent Financial Adviser, please do let me know if I can help you
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