Any Myspace users out their.

MySpace to Shake up Its Layout...
MySpace will unveil next week a large-scale redesign that will alter major components of the social-networking site, like its home page, navigation scheme, search engine and video player.

On Wednesday, MySpace users will see the first phase of the redesign, which has been in the works for the past six months, according to the company.

MySpace, the world's most popular social-networking site, expects the changes to boost user engagement by making the site easier to navigate.

MySpace is routinely criticized by users and observers for a layout that many consider visually strident and messy. Its members have many options to alter their profile pages, such as changing their background color, adding hyperactive animations, using fonts of many sizes and colors and plastering them with videos and photo slideshows.

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i still think i'd prefer facebook...

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I use both personally.

It's 'There'!

I'm sure it's been out there for months and months? I use it. Unless this is V3.

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Well the article was only posted yesterday?

Im not on anything, myspace,facebook,bebo or any other one of them sites.


Well the article was only posted yesterday?

the one i use was in 'beta'

YouTube have also changed things. You now have a personalised homepage on YouTube if you're logged in, which has access to loads of stuff and recommends you videos based on what you've been watching.

That one seems to be only a day or two old...
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