Any new Dell Offers?


    Does anyone know if there are going to be any good Dell deals to be coming up or are already on offer?


    Apart from the 10AM special the other day, dell update day (thursday) came and went without too many highlights. I think dell must be digging there heels in and waiting to offer some really good Vista deals (well I can hope!)
    I ran right through all the desktop and laptop deals again this morning and nothing has changed since Thursday.

    I think the best value currently is £95 off systems and free delivery from the Dell Outlet. Displays are not included but these systems are quite cheap compared with the main site and they have a full warranty too. If you don't see what you want, for example a display, on the website, call the phone number listed on the Dell Outlet site and they often have them in stock. I wanted a 24" display and they had them in stock at the outlet but not on the website.

    Another advantage is that these systems are already built so you don't have to wait for them to build it before they deliver.

    Don't forget to check the box to get the £95 discount!

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    Thanks for your time MikeT, just waiting around for a good deal on a PC, well I shall be looking for some new deals which you might post soon!

    Many Thanks to doublecuffs as well......I might have a look...

    Whats the typical delivery time from the DELL outlet??? I need a computer by next weekend and fear that means I will be restricted to the high street, currys, comets, PC World etc.

    Any one got any good recommendations for a PC from the high street - don't need a monitor and mainly will be used for office type functions, kids home work & internet shopping. Useful if it could play DVDs and may be useful a TV tuner but that can always be added later????

    try PCNextday they seem to get good reviews in mags and on here.



    A good price for this base unit..should be available in your Comet store
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