Any New Dell Studio Laptop Deals!!!! About or coming soon!!!


    I've seen a few deals on Dmx, but a few months ago there was much better ones on,

    with extra emplyee discount codes with there discount aswell!

    With Free colour upgrade, harddrive upgrade (7.200), 3 years warrenty for £40/60 & free shipping!

    Now they're rubbish & Im nearly off to buy from someone else, but just thought I'd check one last time!!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    P.s. I want the laptop for Music production, Photoshop, Sony vegas etc so studio 15, i7,4gb ram, 500gb hd (7.200speed), Full hd would be nice, 9 cell battery!!!


    i picked up a WUXGA i7 from the outlet (refurbed) for about £515, but clealry it is down to good fortune to get what you want from the outlet
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